A Marc Blitzstein Songbook

(2001) Helene Williams, soprano; Gregory Mercer, tenor; James Sergi, baritone; Leonard Lehrman, piano and vocals

Songs included: "Nickel under the Foot," "Who Knows" (Let's Be Blue), "Smoking Glasses," "Few Little English," "Outside Agitator," "Secret Singing," "Lullaby," "Expatriate," "The Best Thing of All," "Musky and Whiskey," "The Hills of Amalfi," "Ireland's Eye," "I Wish It So," "Farewell, Me Butty," "Under the Sky," "Rosa-Sacco Suet," "Vanzetti's First Aria," "Sacco's The Whole Shoe," "Vanzetti's Last Statement"

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  • original: Original Cast Recordings OC-4441 (CD)