Cradle Will Rock (film soundtrack)

RCA B00003A9F7 (CD)

Cradle Will Rock (film soundtrack). With Audra McDonald, Eddie Vedder, Susan Sarandon, Vicki Clark, et al. (includes “Nickel under the Foot,” “Moll’s Song,” “Croon Spoon,” “Joe Worker,” “Honolulu,” “Oh, What a Filthy Night Court,” “Reverend Salvation,” “The Cradle Will Rock”)

Related Works: The Cradle Will Rock
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Zipperfly & Other Songs

Koch KIC-CD-7773 (CD)

(1991) William Sharp, baritone; Karen Holvik, soprano; Steven Blier, piano

Songs included: "Monday Morning Blues," "Croon Spoon," "The New Suit" ("Zipperfly"), "In the Clear," "Then," "I Wish It So," "In Twos," "Penny Candy," "Emily" ("Ballad of the Bombardier"), "Displaced," "o by the by," "until and I heard," "open your heart," "jimmie's got a goil," "What Will It Be for Me?," "Rose Song," Blues," "Nickel under the Foot," "The Cradle Will Rock," "Bird upon the Tree," "Stay in My Arms"

Related Works: The Cradle Will Rock
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A Blitzstein Cabaret

Premier Recordings PRCD 1005 (CD)

(1990) Helene Williams, Ronald Edwards, vocals; Leonard Lehrman, piano and vocals

Songs included: "Miracle Song"/"Lovely Song," "The Russian Language"/"Mamasha Goose," "Who Will Close the Door on a Neighbor's Misfortune"/"How I Met My New Grandfather," "A Quiet Girl," "The New Suit," "Send for the Militia," "Penny Candy," "What Is the Stars," "My True Heart," "Quarrel Song," "Modest Maid," "Be with Me," "Rose Song," "Love at First Word," "With a Woman to Be," "Miracle Song"

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A Marc Blitzstein Songbook

Original Cast Recordings OC-4441 (CD)

(2001) Helene Williams, soprano; Gregory Mercer, tenor; James Sergi, baritone; Leonard Lehrman, piano and vocals

Songs included: "Nickel under the Foot," "Who Knows" (Let's Be Blue), "Smoking Glasses," "Few Little English," "Outside Agitator," "Secret Singing," "Lullaby," "Expatriate," "The Best Thing of All," "Musky and Whiskey," "The Hills of Amalfi," "Ireland's Eye," "I Wish It So," "Farewell, Me Butty," "Under the Sky," "Rosa-Sacco Suet," "Vanzetti's First Aria," "Sacco's The Whole Shoe," "Vanzetti's Last Statement"

Related Works: The Cradle Will Rock
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The Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert

Original Cast Recordings OC-6127 (CD)

(2005) Helene Williams, Lars Woodul, Robert Osborne, vocals; John Craven, Leonard Lehrman, piano

Songs included: "Song" (text by Rupert Brooke), "What's the Matter with Me?," "The Way You Are," "Hard to Say," "Lovely to Get Back to Love," "War Song"; From Idiots First: "Under the Sky," "Who Will Close the Door?," "How I Met My New Grandfather,"; from Walt Whitman settings: "As if a Phantom Caress'd Me," "After the Dazzle of Day," "As Adam"; from Sacco and Vanzetti: "Memorial Day Parade," "With a Woman to Be," "Torremaggiore-VillafallettoTrio"; from I've Got the Tune: "Prologue," "The Street," "The Salon," "The Neighbor," "The Street"; from The Cradle Will Rock: "Nickel under the Foot" performed by Blitzstein.

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