Zipperfly & Other Songs

(1991) William Sharp, baritone; Karen Holvik, soprano; Steven Blier, piano

Songs included: "Monday Morning Blues," "Croon Spoon," "The New Suit" ("Zipperfly"), "In the Clear," "Then," "I Wish It So," "In Twos," "Penny Candy," "Emily" ("Ballad of the Bombardier"), "Displaced," "o by the by," "until and I heard," "open your heart," "jimmie's got a goil," "What Will It Be for Me?," "Rose Song," Blues," "Nickel under the Foot," "The Cradle Will Rock," "Bird upon the Tree," "Stay in My Arms"

Related Works: The Cradle Will Rock
  • original: Koch KIC-CD-7773 (CD)