I’ve Got the Tune

Duration: 30 minutes
Scoring: fl, ob, 2 cl, alto sax, bsn; 2 hn, 1 trp, 1 trb; perc; hp, pno; strings

Mr. Musiker, Beetzie, Madame Arbutus, Captain Bristlepunkt, Private Schnook, The Suicide, Choral Director, Purple Shirties, High School Students

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
First Performance: Columbia Broadcasting
October 24, 1937

Published edition: vocal score, Chappell, 1937 (C-841-52)

Performance materials available on rental from Boosey & Hawkes.


The Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert

Original Cast Recordings OC-6127 (CD)

(2005) Helene Williams, Lars Woodul, Robert Osborne, vocals; John Craven, Leonard Lehrman, piano

Songs included: "Song" (text by Rupert Brooke), "What's the Matter with Me?," "The Way You Are," "Hard to Say," "Lovely to Get Back to Love," "War Song"; From Idiots First: "Under the Sky," "Who Will Close the Door?," "How I Met My New Grandfather,"; from Walt Whitman settings: "As if a Phantom Caress'd Me," "After the Dazzle of Day," "As Adam"; from Sacco and Vanzetti: "Memorial Day Parade," "With a Woman to Be," "Torremaggiore-VillafallettoTrio"; from I've Got the Tune: "Prologue," "The Street," "The Salon," "The Neighbor," "The Street"; from The Cradle Will Rock: "Nickel under the Foot" performed by Blitzstein.

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